Today’s Destiny Is The Result Of Your Past Actions

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Today's Destiny Is The Result Of Your Past Actions
(Last Updated On: January 12, 2019)

Today’s Destiny Is The Result Of Your Past Actions.

How many people believe in destiny? Destiny is also called ‘kismat’. We hear people say “yahi likha hai apne kismat mai”. But in real sense there is no such thing called destiny. That’s the reason it is said, “Today’s Destiny Is The Result Of Your Past Actions”.

Destiny is not written anywhere. You are responsible for the creation of your of your present actions. The work you do today will lead to a better tomorrow. That’s the reason you need to do good deeds today. By doing so you will have a better tomorrow without any future problems.Destiny is something which is not easy to create. To get to a desire destiny you need to do a lot of hardwork. Not to mention hardwork of  person pays off.

We work day and night these days to complete our goals. But still we could not at a proper time. Let’s take and example: Virat Kohli thought he’ll be a cricketer some day. He thought that his final destiny will be playing for the Indian cricket team. So he worked on this day and night in the nets with his coach and other players. But the mater of fact is that if he hadn’t worked on his destiny at an early age, he wouldn’t be there at the level he’s now. Likewise we should also take a step now to move towards our destiny at an early age so that we reach there as early as possible and enjoy it.

We should also think at what age we have to reach our destination. People want to get rich at an early age but don’t work for it at a right time and then blame their destiny which is illogical.  After all the destiny’s control is in our hand and not others.

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