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Coffee By Di Bella
(Last Updated On: September 17, 2019)

An Amazing Experience at Coffee By Di Bella


When the atmosphere is good, one wants to have a cup of coffee. There’s no other place I found which serves the best coffee in mumbai. Coffee By  Di Bella is a place which for me is the best cafeteria in town.

It was the september month, there was a slight drizzle of rain outside. I had my meetings planned to be taken in Chembur. Thinking which place would be the best to conduct meetings, I saw this outlet of Coffee By Di Bella a perfect place to complete my today’s task.Coffee By Di Bella

Just have a look. The outlet looks decent but outside. With some plants planted outside the outlet symbolises how well they care for nature. They have some tables and chairs arranged outside for people if they are waiting for others.

Coffee By Di Bella

Coffee By Di Bella


These are some looks at the outlet from inside. The outlet looks professional. One can schedule their interviews or small coffee meetings at this very place. The place is just amazing. It is beautifully designed with great colour combinations.

Talking about the other stuffs that is their service. Coffee By Di Bella has given some quality service. Their management of orders as well as timely completion of those orders were quite remarkable.

A special mention to the staff of this outlet. They were really nice with all their customers, greeting everyone with a nice big smile both while they were entering and when they were leaving the outlet. A nice gesture by the staff leaving a great impression which will be everlasting memory for me.

After all such talks let us now look into some great dishes Coffee By Di Bella serves to its customers. These are some very few common dishes which tastes fantastic to the customers.

1. Classic Cold Coffee and Vanilla Frappe:

Coffee By Di Bella

Let us talk about the Classic Cold Coffee first. This is not like the other cold coffee served at various other outlets. This actually had a strong flavour of coffee in it. I never had such taste in a cold coffee ever. It was strong, hard and actually a great drink to have when you want to concentrate on your work. It was cool and the drink actually meant as the name suggests.

The next we had was a Vanilla Frappe. The first sip from the grass was just remarkable. I can still imagine the flavour mixed in it. It exactly had lots of flavour of vanilla.  Its coolness made the mind refresh after proper durations.

Both the drinks went very well together. One had the hard flavour of coffee into it while the other had a sweet and subtle flavour of vanilla. The best combination of drink one can every have and try out in Coffee By Di Bella.

2. Rose Cappuccino:

Coffee By Di Bella

Rose Cappuccino is not an ordinary cappuccino. The best part of this is that it had some beautiful rose flavoured essence in it. The rose petals added a great look to this coffee. According to me the drink looks fabulous. I actually felt like just keep looking at this. It looked that attractive. To be honest the rose petals don’t really taste like anything though but it’s nice. It didn’t affect that much with the coffee. 

3. Murgh Makhani Wrap with some Potato Wafers:

Coffee By Di Bella

Let us talk about some food dishes in Coffee By Di Bella. Here we have a murgh makhani wrap with some wafers. I wanted some non-veg tadka so I ordered this dish.  It was a decent dish with lots of non-veg flavour. Every bite was filled with flavours. The roti was crisp from outside which gave a crunchy element  to the roll.

4. Chocolate Overloaded Waffle:

Coffee By Di Bella

Here comes the next dish of the evening; The Chocolate Loaded Waffle. This is the dish a must try for all those chocolate lovers in the town. It was chocolaty like hell. Seriously people the best waffle I ever had thus far. I was surprised by the amount of chocolate it had. I thought the dish would have normal quantity chocolate on it. But it surprised me. The waffle is the only thing which can fill your stomach alone without any drinks of the outlet.  Again I am saying a must for all those who love chocolate.

5. Rose Ice Tea:

Coffee By Di Bella

What should I say about this dish. A pure elegant drink with rose petals on top. This is not an ordinary ice tea. It had some essence flavour of rose. It had some ice cubes which made every sip chilled. Presentation wise the dish looked nice and it tasted also brillant. It is like any other ice tea one has but this I can term it special no matter what.

6.Melbourne Freakshake:

Coffee By DI Bella

The last but not the least, introducing this chocolate giant to you all; The Melbourne Freakshake by Coffee By Di Bella. What should I tell you about this dish. A complete desert in itself. The mug filled with chocolate with some cream on the top making it look so beautiful. It is presented so beautiful that actually I did not stop clicking pictures of it. TO be honest this is capable to fill one person’s stomach. This dish is heavy yet tasty. An amazing dish altogether.

Want to know how one can reach here. Don’t worry I’ll help you out. There are various connectivities by roadways. If you want to travel by train and then reach the outlet will also do. If any other modes, this outlet is accessible. I’ll provide you with a map on how one can reach this outlet if you’re travelling by train.

So here we come to an end about the experience we had at this very outlet. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media page @tappersbuzz Stay tuned for more. Happy Fooding.

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