Mumbai Street Food- Trying something weird

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Mumbai Street Food
(Last Updated On: January 5, 2019)

Hey guys! Today yet again with some Mumbai Street Food to be tried. But these dishes might be weird but I tell you it tastes awesome!!! It was really fun going for a food trek with my friends. So yeah without wasting any more time let’s quickly head on to our first place. We have come to Raju Sandwich Stall. It is opposite to HR College in Churchgate. The thing which you should try is called The Pasta Cheese Roll. It’s basically macaroni and cheese pasta in a hot dog bun. So see how it looks. Mumbai Street Food It actually taste good when you have the first bite. Surprisingly this taste like a normal sandwich. It has capsicum, onions, macaroni pasta with a lot of cheese on top and it’s quite good. The second place on our list is Jai Santoshi Bhel at Kalbadevi. So here we are gonna have a Samosa Bhel.  Samosa bhel It has all the things which makes it the best bhel you ever gonna have. It has the mint chutney, some potatoes, onions, topping of sev and the biggest of all; the smashed samosa. It’s a worth try guys! The third place on our list is Gupta Chaat Center at Matunga. We are gonna try the Sev Puri Sandwich.  Sev Puri Sandwich The expression on your face when you have will be like wow! But there will be people talking bad about it but just stick to your taste buds and have it. I’m sure you’ll love it when you believe in yourself. The mixture of the puri and the veggies, and with the cheese all over it seems amazing. It will look more amazing if you go spicy instead of a sugary flavour. Ok guys, so that was my list of 3 extremely weird unusual street food in Bombay. If I want to rank them then the number one thing I had was definitely The Samosa Bhel. It was outstanding. But ok that was my review for the day. I hope you have enjoy it. If you did follow my instagram and facebook pages for more food contents. Also comment below what was the weirdest food you have eaten. Do let me know because I really had something weird things.  

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