How To Wake Up Early

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How To Wake Up Early
(Last Updated On: January 12, 2019)

Many at times we sleep early/on time/ late and want to get up early. The reason behind it is we have some things planned for the next next day. Many of us think how to actually wake up. How to start the day before 5am! So I’ll share a few ideas I have learnt to use over the years. I think this might help you get out of bed and get moving when your alarm goes off. In short here are some tricks on How To Wake Up Early in the morning.
The first thing you have to do to wake up early is get to bed at a reasonable time which is anywhere between 9pm and 10:00pm and you do have to set your alarm for at the very latest 4:45am.

As soon as your alarm goes off these are the four things I do that help me to get out of bed ASAP!

1. I put my headphone on and PUSH PLAY! I Have a pre-set play list of the 5 songs that motivates me or help me get into the zone, that I listen too as soon as the alarm goes off! 
Music is going to be the quickest way to snap your mind into a powerful state.

2. I look at my life vision and goals that are next to my bed straight away. And if that doesn’t get you out of bed then it’s time to get some goals that motivate you and inspire you!

3. On your phone you can create an album of the things that you want to create, share or build. You might have a few images of people, environments or things that inspire you and make you feel alive. Get excited about what is possible for you. Expose your mind to the things that elevate your belief system. 
That mixed with music will really spark the fire inside you to get moving and take action!

4. There is plenty of great motivational material on YouTube. So have a playlist of videos that motivate you as well. Sometimes watching a motivational video or listening to an audio book can get you into the right frame of mind to dominate the day!

The trick is to rotate these 4 methods daily. Constantly update and change the videos and songs that you listen to. Or the videos you watch. Because you don’t get stale and stay pumped, excited and motivated to go chase your goals and dreams!

One more point I should share with you: Make sure you hydrate yourself well first thing in the morning. Drink a bottle of water while you’re running your before 5am routine and rituals!

Make every day a great day by starting the day on your own terms and doing something for yourself and your dreams before you do anything else!

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