French Masala Roll

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French Masala Roll
(Last Updated On: May 12, 2019)

French Masala Roll

I have been to mulund many times. I have tasted many foodstuffs.

I came across many dishes. One day I asked one of my friend about something which I have never eaten.

Then he told me about this place in mulund which serves the delicious French Masala Toast.

The reason behind writing this article is that I fell in love with the dish.

As I said earlier I have never had a dish like this.

Ambience: French Masala Roll

The outlet had a decent ambience. It had table and chairs like any other food outlets.

The outlet had some cartoon wallpapers. The place was neat and clean.

The presence of the staff was also good. The staff working in the outlet were also good.

The climate inside the outlet was cool and pleasant. One will find relaxed inside.

The main reason behind is only it helps you stay away from the heat outside.

There are some interesting and attractive looking pictures on the walls inside the outlet.

When you have a look at those pictures you’re mouth will start to water. There might be chances that you end up ordering those dishes that are there on the walls.


French Masala Roll

The presentation of the French Masala Roll was sweet and simple. It wasn’t over rated.

Proper amount of stuffings and a right combination of things was there in the dish.

When I saw the dish in front of our eyes, we had only one thing to say; Wow!

The dish seems so amazing that my taste buds started to water.

It looked so amazing that I could not even wait to taste it.


French Masala Roll

This amazing French Masala Roll does not consist much ingredients. The ingredients of the dish are very simply and you are familiar with those every day ingredients.

The dish consists of vegetable stuffings mostly green veggies. They also have some chilies to go it with the dish to maintain hotness of taste in the dish. They have used chilies only to balance the sweet.

They also provide you with some capsicum and cabbage cuts at the side of the dish with a sprinkle of chat masala  for some refreshment.

At the end they have some cheese sprinkle on the top with 2 bread sticks. The cheese put on top is perfect and the bread sticks puts some crunch element to the dish.


French Masala Roll

The dish tasted simply amazing. The French Masala Roll is a treat to have.

The stuffings inside the bread was quite balanced and that did justice.

Usually we do not always find a dish which does justice with the presentation of it.

The taste was simply amazing and it actually amazed me when I had the first bite.

The balance was proper and the remaining was something which I enjoyed.

When you have the first bite of the dish, you will just love it. It is that good.

Scope of Improvement:

French Masala Roll

The dish does not actually contain any major flaws. But still has a scope of improvement as other dishes have.

The dish can improve a bit on its presentation. The next thing which is they need to look on is serving the dish hot.

It is usually said the dish which is served hot has a better taste then the dish having served medium hot.


As you can see the location given above, it is near to mulund station.

One need not have a vehicle to reach the destination. Once you reach mulund station it is approx 5 mins walk.

The placing of the outlet is also amazing i.e. near the station.

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