French Fries Candy

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French Fries Candy
(Last Updated On: January 21, 2019)

French Fries Candy

Try out these tempting French Fries Candy. It is basically fries on the stick baked with perfection along with cheese. This you will find out in Chit Chat Chai having outlets in Borivali & Kandivali. 

This French Fries Candy is something which I have never seen nor tasted. It is out of the box innovation by Chit Chat Chai. Like seriously, how can someone innovate french fries in this way. Never had a thought like this seen before.

I truly appreciate the thinking of Chit Chat Chai. Simply amazing and mind boggling. The presentation of the French Fries Candy is also amazing.

The provided by Chit Chat Chai is also very quick. Went through many reviews given by people visiting the place. The staff is also very polite with people. They keep a check about the food and quality. They never forget to take reviews from people.

It is so good that I can personally recommend that you have your parties planned with friends or with your family at the outlet. The place is very will decorated plus anyone can afford. I personally feel everyone should enjoy and have fun. Do taste their foods…

Talking about the dish, “No Comments”. It is that good and worth a try. I guess all the french fries lovers will fall in love with this dish. The presentation can be improved but still a worthy dish according to me.

It is actually fries fitted like a candy coupled with mayonnaise and cheese ! Does it sound interesting? What ever be the answer just go for it. Later you will find the results for the decision you took.

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