Diamond Cappuccino

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Diamond Cappuccino
(Last Updated On: January 19, 2019)

Diamond Cappuccino

Coffee By Di Bella is one such amazing place to have coffee.We tried The Diamond Cappuccino over there. Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans. People love coffee, need coffee and enjoy coffee. Caffeinated drinks are large consumed by people on regular basis.

It has become an international popular drink for almost everybody. Coffee is so important to our daily lives that coffee has become as part of their culture in some countries. In fact, some people consider it as a critical part of their day. Whereas some people are taking it as a sign of fashion.

A coffee café in India has created a new espresso beverage that’s almost too pretty to drink. Behold the Diamond Cappuccino. The drink is now available at Coffee by Di Bella, a coffee chain with locations throughout Mumbai.

Even though it looks super fancy, it is affordable to many…. The glitter drink starts with a normal cappuccino. A double espresso topped with decorative steamed foam. But then the warm concoction is finished off with small spoonful of glitter to give the drink its signature shine….

The first sip is truly amazing to have be it any type of coffee. It’s a treat to have this amazing looking Diamond Cappuccino. I still remember the day when I had my first sip of coffee. It was just a stunning experience. After that I had many coffees. But having Diamond Cappuccino was just breathtaking.

Many successful people say, “Behind every successful person there is substantial amount of coffee.”

Location:- G-12/13, R Galleria, Runwal Greens Goregaon-Mulund Link Road, Next to Fortis Hospital, Industrial Area, Mulund West

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