Chocolate Sandwich

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Chocolate Sandwich
(Last Updated On: January 23, 2019)

Chocolate Sandwich

The Chocolate Sandwich near Ramnarain Ruia College is simply amazing. It’s a treat to have a Chocolate Sandwich. The best I have ever had so far in my life.

The Chocolate Sandwich is a ticket to the heaven. It is enough to satisfy your chocolate cravings for about a week or two. It is that amazing.The sandwich is great. But when the toppings of chocolate is added to the sandwich, the taste is all together different. 

It tastes so yum that you will lick your fingers after every bite. This happens so because many at times the chocolate syrup starts to dip which is put on top starts to fall down and eventually our hands get chocolaty. 

We need to eat the sandwich in a very bindass manner. One should not be shy or something while having it. One should eat this as if they have not had food for many days. This is true enjoyment.

The excitement in having this dish in a bindass manner is no match to having it in a sophisticated manner. While having we need to be crazy because it is that breathtaking.


One will find this dish exclusively outside Ramnarain Ruia College. There is this person called Subhash who makes this delicious and stunning Chocolate Sandwich. To be more precise, it is outside the Matunga Gymkhana.

The stall is mostly launched in the evening time around 4. This is because majority of the students leave from their college at this time. It is an evening time so many people visit the stall and the time is also comfortable for many. Not just for the students but also to the people living in and around Matunga.

The stall in Matunga is particularly famous for Chocolate Sandwich. Do visit this place and let us know your experience in the comment section below. Follow us on instagram, facebook, pinterest etc for more freshly brewed content. Till then Happy Fooding!!

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