Cheese Sandwich

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Cheese Sandwich
(Last Updated On: January 22, 2019)

Cheese Sandwich

You must have eaten many Cheese Sandwich. But this Cheese Sandwich which is served in Ghatkopar Khau Galli is something amazing.

Ghatkopar is a place where many gujarati people stay. Therefore, there are many food places which a person should try out. For instance, if you do not want to cook, ghatkopar is the ideal place where you will find variety of dishes at reasonable price. The place is pocket friendly to all.

A middle class person can afford the tasty food plus a rich person can also. The point is not money in ghatkopar. The point is how much you enjoy the dish. What do you feel when you eat a dish in ghatkopar khau galli.

A foodie person would love the place when he will enter ghatkopar khau galli. It is like a heaven to a foodie. All sorts of food types, dishes are available at reasonable price. In addition, a foodie will have his stomach filled and satisfied.

So let us straight head to The Cheese Sandwich. Cheese Sandwich is something which I personally love having it. I can have it at any point of the day. Be it in morning breakfast, lunch, evening snack or at dinner. The dish is that amazing.

The major attraction for me to the dish is the cheese which is grated on the top of the sandwich. When the person takes out the sandwich from the machine, just observe yourself.

When I had the first bit, I was really amazed. I mean how can a Grilled Cheese Sandwich be so good. I mean simply amazing. The taste truly match the place where I had the sandwich. This is my personal favourite. What’s yours?

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