Biryani Festival

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Biryani Festival
(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

Biryani Festival

The Biryani Festival is for all the biryani lovers. Biryani lovers visit these festivals and made it huge success. The festival has more than 20 varieties of Biryanis. The stalls have been put up by hotels, caterers and even food connoisseur from Panvel and Kolhapur. Several states were served in addition to dessert stalls serving shahi tukda, phirni and live ice-cream. Visitors also enjoyed 2 hours of live performances of Urdu poetry recitation, Ghazals, nazm and mushaira.  Here’s a short trailer for the Festival.

All the Biryani fans get ready to get more than 25 types of biryani under a single roof.

*Nonveg Delicacy-* Hyderabadi Biryani, Zamzam Biryani, Italian Biryani, Shahi Biryani, Fish Biryani , Bamboo Biryani, Mataka Biryani, Coconut Biryani, Smoked Biryani and many more…

*Veg delicacy-*
Sprout Biryani, Paneer tikka Biryani, Mix veg Biryani and many more…

Shahi tukda, Firnee (thandi kheer), Ice cream and Fire & Chocolate Paan.

*Live performances of various artists*

*Do come with your Family and friends and enjoy the Biryani Festival*

*Entry Fee = ₹ 30*



About the Biryani …

Biryani is the Persian word and it was born from the name of Biryani. Biryani means frying before it is cooked. Persia is the current Iran country. The Mughals brought the substance of biryani to India. Biryani is being eaten by the Mughal Imperial Markets.

15 93-1631 Begum Mumtaz of Shahjahan empire (whose memory was built in Taj Mahal) in this period was also fond of Biryani. Some people claim that Biryani was the source of this dish from her idea. Some historians claim that even before the arrival of the Mughal ruler Babar, the Biryani Indians knew it. The main component of rice is in all types of junk. Various spices, fatty foods, are biryani.

So guys what are you waiting for, decide which biryani you want to have.

Happy Fooding!!


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