Bhau Vada Pav

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Bhau Vada Pav
(Last Updated On: January 25, 2019)

Bhau Vada Pav

We all have eaten many Vada Pav in our everyday life. We have it to tell our stomach that there is food for you to digest. Just to tell our mind that we have eaten something. Even if we are running busy. Here’s a famous Vada Pav called the “Bhau Vada Pav” having multiple outlets.

The Bhau Vada Pav is something next level. People think what different it has to offer us. It is like the other Vada Pav only right. But it is not. The Bhau Vada Pav is something different.

The bun used to add the vada is customized by the owner. It is not the ordinary Pav which we get. The Pav is specially prepared. It’s a bit bigger and it is the exact fit for the vada.

I have never seen such a Vada Pav before. Nor have I tasted anything like this before.


The best thing about the outlet is they serve garam garam Vada Pav to their customers. Above all their serving als amazing. The Vada is fried in the oil and after a few seconds it is served to the customers.

The outlet has taken care of all the likes and dislikes of the customers. They don’t apply chutney inside the Pav. Instead, they add the onion and the a red colour mixture stuffings which tastes really amazing.

The best part is the cost of the Vada Pav is a bit more than the other vendors but it’s worth a penny that one spends for the Vada Pav. Like literally the taste is good, people get it fresh and above all it satisfies the customer.

After having one Vada Pav, there is no need to eat something else anywhere for at least 2 hours or even more. It’s that stomach filling stuff.

If you like what we said, check out the outlet yourself and try out the amazing Bhau Vada Pav yourself. Do share your experience in the comment section below. Follow us on instagram, facebook etc for more. Till then Happy Fooding!!

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