Best Red Velvet Shake

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Best Red Velvet Shake
(Last Updated On: January 19, 2019)

Red Velvet Shake

The Best Red Velvet Shake according to me served by Coffee By Di Bella. Grab on the Best Red Velvet Shake served by The Di Bella family while we are moving towards the weekend.

This one here is truly a delightful thing to have. The rich Red Velvet flavours blended in will surely give you a comfort feeling in ones busy life in this city. The flavour is so amazing that you will keep asking for more.

This was the first time I tried this dish. Frankly speaking, in love with this now. Both the presentation and the taste go hand in hand. I mean just look at it. A perfect desert I think for those who love desserts.

The shake, the cream, the topping; one word “WOW”. How can a dish be such a wonderful creation. The best desert by The Di Bella owners. Truly lip smacking I must say!! For instance, I would like to enjoy this for the whole evening. I might forgot all the other pending work to be done. Just sit and enjoy this amazing beauty.

What I personally suggest is go and have fun with the dish. Leave all your planning and tension. I guess this dish won’t let you think. A very calm, cool, pleasant, refreshing dessert. The best after having a great lunch or dinner. In conclusion, “Go For It!”

It’s a sure thing to be had when you’re at Coffee By Di Bella. To end you meal in a delightful manner. Can’t express my feelings for the dish any further. Just go and have it.

The ambience of Coffee By Di Bella is also amazing. The service is also good. Everything is properly maintained in the store. Do share your experience about the deserts you had. Happy Fooding!!

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