Best Places To Eat In Thane

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Best Places To Eat In Thane
(Last Updated On: January 19, 2019)

20+ Eateries That Prove Thane Is A Food Lover’s Paradise

There are lots of Mumbai lists when it comes to food but Thane has some really nice places you should definitely check out! The abandoned cousin of Mumbai, Thane is actually the older city of the two. With a spirited, flamboyant and dynamic population of communities from literally different parts of the world, it is a given that the palate of Thane is varied as well! Here is a list of top food places or you can say the best places to eat in Thane that you should definitely not miss out on whether you are a Thanekar or not!

1. Misal – Mamledar Misal

Image credit:Mamledar Misal Pav

Let us get the obvious out of the way! Serving since 1949, Mamledar’s Misal has to be tried to be believed! Go for the Tikhat (spicy) one and don’t forget to call for a glass of cold buttermilk on the side.

Location: Opposite Zilla Parishad, Talav Pali, Naupada, Thane West

Location on Map: Click this

Contact: +(91)-9930239412

2. Pav Bhaaji – Amruta’s

Image credit:Flavours of Mumbai

The best Pav Bhaaji in Thane has to be Amruta’s near the station. While Ghatkopar’s Achija wins all over Mumbai, Amruta’s is one of the most flavourful Pav Bhaajis this side of town! Special mentions: Hotel Veggies at Castle Mill comes second.

Location: 7, Shiv Kripa Commercial Centre, Gokhale Road, Naupada, Thane West, Mumbai

Location On Map: Click here

Contact: 022 25422676/022 25393858

3. Schezwan Rice – Swagath

Image Credit: Schezwan Rice Youtube

Known more for its biryani, Swagath at Castle Mill serves the best schezwan rice in town! The smoky flavour and the conspicuous lack of oiliness and dirtiness makes this a dish you can’t stop having!

Location: Castle Mill Naka, Castle Mill, Thane West, Mumbai

Location On Map: Click here

Contact: 022 25471291/ 022 25479547

4. Kulfi – Royal Challenge II

Image credit: Reenamanshukhani

This landmark on the same service road as the Korum Mall, serves one of the best kulfis you will find in the city. Served with more hype than kulfi deserves, this delectable slice will still make your heart melt.

Location: Opposite Nitin Castings, Eastern Express Highway, Panch Pakhadi, Thane West, Mumbai

Location On Map: Click here

Contact: 022 25406689/022 25372072

5. Dum Biryani – Shubha

Image credit: Kozhlkode Chicken Biryani

Another old Thane haunt, you must try Shubha’s Dum Biryani. Succulent meat pieces over well garnished rice and a lot of fried onion, this one hits the right spot each time.

Location: Damani Estate, Seeta Vihar, LBS Road, Panch Pakhadi, Thane West, Mumbai

Location on Map: Click here

Contact: 022 25401023/022 25448754

6. Noorani Kabab – Borivali Biryani Center

Image credit: 30 days adventures

Chicken fillets filled with mutton mince and cheese–you won’t forget these soon. Don’t forget to take along friends. This stuff is heavy!

Location: ST Depo, Khopat, Thane West, Mumbai

Location on Map: Click here

Contact: 022 25332000/022 25382000

7. Tandoori & Kebabs – Shelter

Image credit:India’s Grill Kennedy

The best tandoori and chicken kebabs you will find at this erstwhile shady place in front of Malhar Cinema. Burnt just a little, the right softness and texture, the best masalas, I am salivating while writing this! Special Mention: Drunken Kebab at Fusion Dhaba, below Shelter.

Location: Opposite Malhar Cinema, Naupada, Thane West, Mumbai

Location on Map: Click here

Contact: 022 33956001

8. Malvani – Malvan

Image Credit: Maharashtrian Recipes

Sindhudurg at Wagle Estate and Malvan at Panchpakhadi always compete for the best Malvani food in Thane. Recently, Malvan has started winning convincingly. Try the Tisrya Masala (Oyster curry) and their signature Kolambi Bhaath (Prawn Rice). Take a glass of Solkadhi (Coconut milk with Kokam) to wash everything down. Public burp, guaranteed.

Location: 4 & 5, A Wing, Shreepal Apartments, Near Aradhana Cinemas, Panch Pakhadi, Thane West, Mumbai

Location on Map: Click here

Contact: 022 25368668/022 25438752


9. Chinese Food – Shabari
Image Credit:Guide to Indianized Chinese

Don’t go by the name, they are great at preparing Chinese food. Try the Chicken Chopper Rice and Pan Fried Noodles. Or anything, really. They have perfected the art of Indian Chinese.

Location: Near Kores, Vartak Nagar, Thane (W)

Location on Map: Click here

Contact: 022 25336096/022 25409613

10. Street Chinese – Stick & Bowl
Image Credit: Simply the best chinese food in India

Try the starters and gravy rice at Stick & Bowl at Uthalsar. A variety of gravy-rice combinations will make sure you end up eating more than you planned. Another place to take your friends to, to be able to try a variety of things.

Location: Sukhganand Uthalsar Naka, Khopat, Thane West, Mumbai

Location on Map: Click here

Contact: 022 25478383

11.Dosa, Uthappam, Idli @ Woodland’s

Image credit: Tripadvisor

This one near Mulund Checknaka has been consistent with their food. The south Indian fare they serve is very different from any Udupi, so don’t go expecting similar taste. Expect something much better! Melt in the mouth dosas, idlis with real flavor, chutneys in a variety of hues!

Location: Near Mulund Check Naka, LBS Marg, Naupada, Thane West, Mumbai

Location on Map: Click here

Contact: 022 25800088/022 25800089

12. Cheese Mushroom Masala – Sai Krupa

Image credit: Kadai Mushroom

One of the earliest restaurant to start serving mushrooms, their Cheese Mushroom Masala is an art, perfected. Have some while gorging on their stuffed chillies, watching Talaopali glitter by.

Location: Opposite Raymond showroom, Talaopali, Thane (W)

Location on Map: Click here

13. Philly Cheese Bagel – Café Verve

Image credit: on my veggies

This young eating place, right in front of the iconic Sai Krupa has some really good food. You must try their Philly Cheese Bagel, you must! Filled with a very special cheese, generous chunks of meat (or veggies) and a really really large bagel bun, it is served with finger licking condiments.

Location: Lake View Compound, Dr. Moose Road,Talaopali,Thane – West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400602

Location on Map: Click here

Contact: 022 2536 6444

14. Apple Pie – Dcrepes Café

Image credit: Pelangi rex

A place hidden in the Hiranandani Meadows area, this one serves very good food too. Including their Chicken Steak Burger and Indian Summer Chicken Crepe, their Apple Pie is the hero although their most popular dessert is their Austrian Mud Pie. Forget your waistline and try their Lemon Tarts and Chocolate Hazelnut Relish too!

Location: Shop No. 21-22, Block no. 1, Emerald Plaza, Behind Saraswat Bank, Hiranandani Meadows, Thane, Maharashtra 400610

Location on Map: Click here

Contact: 022 6673 8725

15. Chocolate Cake – Candy Kisses

Image credit: Billington’s

Have a birthday? Candy Kisses at Panchpakhadi, when you find it open, serves some amazing gooey cakes. What’s more, the best cakes are vegetarian!

Location: 2, Ground Floor, Jeevan Prem CHSL, Dharmaveer Path, Panch Pakhadi, Thane West

Location on Map: Click here

Contact: 022 25405454

16. Batata Vada – Shraddha

Image credit: Chintoo vada
Everyone knows Rajmata, Durga and Gajanan. However, Shraddha at Ram Maruti serves the best Batata Vadas. Our advice? Take the Chatni Pav at Gajanan, couple it with the Vada from Shraddha.

Location: Ram Maruti

Location on Map: Click here

17. Piyush – Gokhale Uphar Gruh

Image credit: Naina’s Recipes

You know Shrikhand? Imagine a Shrikhand Milkshake. That is Piyush. And delicious! And best had at Gokhale Uphar Gruh!

Location: Near Bedekar Vidya Mandir, Gokhale Road

Location on Map: Click here

18. Shrikhand Wadi – Hanuman Sweets

Image credit: Sweets Inbox

This hole in the wall at the beginning of Gokhale Road has a variety of Wadis. Try their Shrikhand Wadi and the Doodhi Wadi for an unforgettable experience.

Location: Opposite Hotel Alok, Gokhale Road, Thane (W)

Location on Map: Click here

19. Maharashtrian Thali – Swad

Image credit: Spice Infusion

There aren’t too many places that are restaurants and serve Maharashtrian food. The food here is special. Ask for their Kothimbir Vadi.

Location: Brahman Soceity, Kamala Smruti, Shivaji Nagar, Naupada, Thane West, Thane

Location on Map: Click here

Contact: 02225424751

20. Maharashtrian Chicken – Chicken Tangdi

Image credit: Bread Lovers

This place near Voltas, serves some authentic Ghaati chicken. While you try their main course, don’t forget to bite into their chicken samosa too!

Location: Pokharan Rd Number 2, Swastik Garden, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400606

Location on Map: Click here

Contact: 088888 08580

21. Bhurji – Late night Thane station

Image credit: Mumbai Morning

The best Bhurji I have had in the entirety of Mumbai has been at Thane station. Starting around 10pm, this Bhurji shop, just where the SATIS bridge starts at Platform 2 is made Pav Bhaji style, making sure it is filling, delicious and doesn’t burn a big hole in your pocket.

Location: Near Thane Station (Platform 2)

Location on Map: Click here


Post Credit: Anish Vyavahare

This is a list of not so obvious, but must-try places. We have purposely not included a Gajanan Vada Pav or a Kunj Vihar, precisely because there are better or less famous options available today. Do you know a place in Thane that people must try out, either for a particular dish or because it isn’t so well known? Tell us in the comments!


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