Top 10 Best Indian Food to Eat in The Monsoon Season

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(Last Updated On: July 9, 2018)

The monsoon is many people’s favourite season; it’s a perfect season for many,isn’t it? The climate is just right, not too hot like in the summer and not too cold like in the winter. It’s just perfect! With such a lovely  like this, one is bound to have something which will go with this climate. So here’s some Top 10 Best Indian Food to Eat in The Monsoon Season.

Monsoon Season Special Indian Food Items

When the heaven burst forth with a first rare roar, the bowels too call for a few lip-smacking food with a roar of identical intensity. So, what is it about monsoon that sets it aside from all the other seasons and makes one crave for a unique form of food items? Well no person genuinely knows the reason in the back of it’s miles perhaps thanks to the beautiful weather that it brings along with it; but what we do realise is the notable food that you may have to fulfill your starvation throughout the wet season! Here are the fine foods to consume in the monsoon season.

1.Cutting Chai

The typical masala tea or ginger tea is a really perfect issue to have in the bloodless rainy climate. That is one drink that beats all of the other with regards to the monsoon, and whether or not you are standing at the streets or inner a building. The mixture of rain and tea is sure to enhance your mood and come up with a very relaxed feeling.


2.Pakoras and Bhajia

The sensation of having scorching hot pakoras or bhajiyas on the roadside at the same time as the clouds are pouring down at the metropolis is heavenly. The chutney with some fried spicy chilies makes the enjoy excellent. With this if you have a “Chai” will provide you the entire monsoon feeling.

Pakoras and Bhajia


Yet every other warm and crunchy object that one craves for at some stage in the rainy season. These spicy meals pockets are certain to intensify your senses and raise your moos whilst eaten while getting drenched inside the rains. Ensure to take plenty of fried chillies and highly spiced chutney at the side of it to give you an out of the arena experience.


4. Bhutta (Corn)

Bhutta is nothing but corn sticks. This is cooked over a traditional gasoline to give it a burnt flavour. It’s far then crowned with a few tangy masala crafted with black pepper, salt, pink chili powder and lemon juice to offer you a aggregate of all of the flavors. The texture of consuming this warm bhutta inside the rain is worth experiencing.


5. Aloo Paratha

Hot aloo paratha with cool curd and a few sour pickles make up a whole meal. This is one of the exceptional meal items to eat within the rainy season. The aggregate of warm aloo paratha and cold curd offers you a fulfilling yet contrasting flavor, which when mixed with the cool breeze and rain droplets hitting your face.

Aloo paratha

6. Vada Pav

This typical mumbai snack object is one of the first-rate meals objects to have inside the monsoon, if not the first-rate. The vadas crammed in smooth pavs at the side of highly spiced chutneys are served with inexperienced chills to offer you and all-round highly spiced feeling.

Vada Pav

There is something approximately the aggregate of vada pav and the monsoon that makes it an all-time favored of most people. This is one item that ought to now not be neglected for the duration of the monsoon and need to otherwise be eaten on the street side to get the complete feeling of delight.

7.Pav Bhaji

This famous Mumbai dish is yet to be eaten in this wet monsoon. The recent and highly spiced bhaji is served with tava fried pavs which can be gentle and buttery. The mixture of spicy bhaji, pavs and chopped onions is splendid, and it turns into best higher when eaten while taking part in the views in the rain. Once when you have now not attempted consuming it at any stage in the monsoon but, then it’s far about time that you do!

Pav Bhaji

8. Chapate Chaats

Be it an avenue facit chaat corner or the comfort of your private home; these spicy snack items are sure to offer you a high quality. Enjoy whistle eating at some point. Pani puri shells are full of a mixture of mashed potatoes and chickpeas and drizzled over with dahi,chutney and sev. It stands testament to Mumbai’s creativity with versatile meals like gol-gappa.

Chatpate Chaat

9.Idli Sambhar

This regular south indian dish is best for the monsoon season and is likewise healthy at the equal time. The nicely steamed idlis served with warm and spicy sambhar are positive to hit the spot and pass very well with the bloodless winds of the monsoon.

Idli Sambhar


The sensation of hot soup flowing down your throat whilst its miles raining is exceptional, and it heightens your temper. The warm feeling at the inside and the cold feeling of the rain at the outdoor combine to present you an excellent revel in.




Apart from all this, it is very wholesome to drink this boiled soups at some point of the wet season while the water best might not be on top of the thing. We are hoping that when you are going through this list you are already including more dishes to your listing of factors to eat in the approaching monsoon season.

Lots of you have already tried a number of the above mentioned dishes in this case do allow us to recognise your revel in the comments underneath. If you haven’t attempted yet do let us know once you attempt this year, we’re certain that you may! If you assume every other dish merits to be in this list, please notify us so that we will share it with our readers.

Happy Fooding!  


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